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Hi There Everyone..
phoneTOGRAPHY was controlled by 4 contributors (for now).. 
They shared to everyone what it is in their Mind
and what in their pocket..

And with Love,here is the Contributor :

1st.   Aki (exyanne)

Name :Aki
Age : Unknown
Current Location : Shah Alam Selangor
Job : Draughtmen
Hobby : Bloggin, Photography,Music,Editing,Designing
About Me : I'm simple n glad to know many thing.. And 1 thing about knowing too much thing,it is sux sometimes because,you will have different job running in one time and if you can't handle it,then,U'll got High Blood Pressure in younger age like me.. Hahahaha.. so,please limit your knowledge..
Favourite Quote : Jauh Perjalanan,Luas Pemandangan dan Banyak Penipuan

 2nd.    Ayen (yanne_ex)

Name :Ayen
Age : Unknown
Current Location : W.P Labuan
Job : Student
Hobby : Bloggin, Photography,Music,Movie,Facebooking
About Me : I'm simple n smiley person.. Not much about me,but I do love to know more about people.. Learning Everyday is really boring,but trust me,that's just in front of you(the book).. Yet,we may face something bigger outside there and maybe,U didn't even have time to learn..
Favourite Quote : a GOOD Smile is Great God gift,not yours,so,SHARE it..

 3rd.   Cyeka (The Heart's vomits)

Name :Cyeka
Age : Grow bigger =)
Current Location : Keningau, Sabah
Job : Trainee teacher
Hobby : All related to music, photograph and cooking
About Me : I'm a simple girl, i'm not pretty i love God so much,
I care and love so much : my dady, mummy and my family!
my boyfriend is Azroy Taipoi.
I love my bff-Sarina & Abby.
Favourite Quote : Let others talk that i'm nothing but in the end of time, let them know that they are nothing compared to me.

4th.  Beth (Beth@Elne.B)

Name :Beth@Belle (^-^)v
Age : 23
Current Location : Beaufort, Sabah
Job : Forest Officer
Hobby : Singing, Playing Me Gita@Guitar, Reading, Sports, Travelling,
About Me : I think i'm more to the "girl next door" type.. haha, I think.. anyways, I can be sweet like a princess, brutal like a rocker, cool like an artist, and romantic like a poet.. But whatever it is, I’m still a normal human being, definitely not perfect, but I, love every little bit about me.(^-^)v. even the flaws and all... huahua (^-^) I smile a lot, I laugh a lot, I love to make friends, and make people around me happyyyy!!!! Yayyy!!! Lets Spread Love Among Us All!!!!
Favourite Quote : Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts. (^-^)/////

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