Are You Carving For DSLR like Me?? Wanna Try To take A Shot Before You Buy Any?? Wanna learn yourself how to be familiar with those setting?? Then,Try This DSLR SIMULATOR

Fast Link

Dear Reader!!
OurPhonetography assume that you already know our contributors..
Here in fast Link Pages,we Give YoU fast Link to Our Contributors Artwork!!

Just click on em and you will directed either to their artwork of Phonetography in this blog or U just can add em on Facebook!! ^_^.v.. And yeah,we will only talk about Photography to new friend,so, any other intention is prohibited..

Aki  - Phonetography Shot
        - Facebook

Beth  - Phonetography Shot
         - Facebook

Cyeka  - Phonetography Shot
            - Facebook

Miela  - Phonetography Shot
           - Facebook


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