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22 April 2011

#21 : Week 6 : Kids

Hello Phonetographer!! Today's was AKI's post.. Hehehe..
too busy for last two week,but still,I got something for ya..
No need to talk so much as...........

21 April 2011

#20 : Week 6 : Kids

 Hi there everyone...
Yeah,1st of all,I'm very sorry that I haven't updated this blog for two week due to I have to attend and Induction Course held by my Office.. And yeah,very damn tired.. So,here was Beth shot.. I was too late for even to take a view for her shot..
and yeah,as Usual,her shot will always best.. Futhermore,these theme 'KIDS' was choosen by her.. ^_^.v..

17 April 2011

#19 : Week 6 : Kids

we were so sorry for the inconvenience. We didn't upload the picture right on time. As for me, Cyeka, i am involved in my UBF camp then continue with a formal events at TYT palace at Kota Kinabalu continued by Church Leaders Convention at Taman Pertanian Tenom. I just come back for now. and i am so sorry. Rexs, one of the editor of this blog also busy with His course now. I am not really sure wat course is that but, it kinda important to him.

So. here are some of the picture related to the last theme - Kids.

Place: Kundasang War Memorial park

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