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28 May 2011

#7 Random : Lumix Interception!!

Owh okay.. For today's post.. I've mix up with some compact camera Pic..
Yeah.It's Lumix something (I dont really remember)..
One of my friend own it,and I just use it..
The camera was something like this.......................

25 May 2011

#6 Random : Long Ago Trip - Kuching

Yo friend!! As I was folder walking in my PC,I met my old pic at Kuching that I didn't post to anywhere..
And I think It such a waste not to share with you all...
This was my Church trip to Kuching,and on our free day,we go for Lapis Cake Hunting,and this is our journey (after eating Kolok Mee).. Hehehe....

24 May 2011

#5 Random : Pirate Attack !!

Yo Friend!! There was Pirate Attack at Midvalley Megamall KL!!
Haha.. It was HSBC paid Promotion Of the Movie Pirate of The Caribbean...
And there was a HUGE Pirate Ship at Midvalley Centre Atrium!!
Hm,My Office was attached to the Midvalley Megamall,and we have lunch there....

#4 Random : a Walkhome Phonetography

Yeah.. Today,as Usual,I'm riding my friend's bike,back to home,from Office..
This day was not as usual.. My friend already warned me about the bike's tire that tend to lose it air.. I think due to the existing hole.. Then,we...........gone to TTDI Jaya to fix it.. Meanwhile,when we was almost home, I think It was approximately 5-6 km,suddenly the tires loses air.. I mean at once!! Yeah,it's not exploding or breaking,but the existing hole was leak again.. Deng.. And we stop at one of Petronas Oil Station near Federal Highway..... U know.......

23 May 2011

Photograph Basic Knowledge.

Hi, hi,
It's been a long time i didn't appear. fortunately, our big bro - Rexs, still updating his work here. Thanks Rexs. I am busy with my final exam actually. But, i am missing this phonetography. :(

Hmm, I was moved to another blogger about my phonetography. I made it on purpose of collecting all my art there, no matter what it is. Mind if anybody visit me and teach me.

As today, i wanted to share something about basic knowledge of photograph. It's angle. I did used this photo before but i didn't realized about the role of the angle. I juts captured it like that. But, when i come back and look at em, i know there's something special about it.

Read it HERE.

Thank you guys.

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22 May 2011

#3 Random : Self Studio Phonetograhpy

Yo Phonetographer!! So sorry for the long time un-updated blog.. Our Phonetography Team was so busy due to work,studying matter.. But,yet,we still do Phonetography.. It's just we didn't have the time to upload it.. 
By the way,how was your phonetographing progress?? ......
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