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29 April 2011

#1 Random : Cherating

Remember I told U I were at Cherating attending my Office Course?? Yeah,for two week there,my handphone were my bestfriend.. I want to bring the Nikon D90,but then,some problem happen,and as USUAL,my Nokia 5300 1.3mp Handphone Camera being my most best friend....

26 April 2011

#Tutorial 3 : Photography Composition : Joan Version

This Articles was Copied from Joan
Her Articles were in Sabahan BM,so do check this one out y'all.. ^_^.v..

Composition was a very basic knowledge in Photography.. There are so many Composition Style in Photography.. And If You can control these Point,the Focus of your Picture,then,Ur Picture will be WOW!!..

These Rule that have been guiding us was based on scientific research on HOW do Human Eyes react towards PICTURE Focus Point.. That's why,Our Focus need to be where The GOOD Photography Point are.........
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