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01 November 2011

A Notification?

Hey,it's been years that I'm not updating here right?? Err,to be frank, I still love photo.. it's just my phone have some problem and the picture won't come out.. Ok,I lied.. I just give my phone to my Sumandak (girlfriend).. Ha ha ha..

By the way,I do have so many picture to shared actually,but still don't have the time to upload it yet.. Or may I say, I'm in the mood of Photoshophobia right now??

But a bit for you to see before I continue updating again will be this picture..

12 July 2011

Vote for us...

Cyeka : For this entry, I hope my team never angry to me .. Please vote for us. By clicking on the URL and simply hit the like button. Thank you so much~


Aki : No problem Cyeka.. ^_^.v.. It's our Page..

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"We Love Photography,We Don't yet Have a DSLR,so,We Go For Phonetography"

06 July 2011

#12 Random : Awesome Marley!!

Hey Yo Photoholic!! Another Unsuspected Outing with Marley.. He was so cute and Adoreable..
And One thing For sure,Marley was a great Boy who Love to pose as we ask..
And He is just so Handsome in front Of Lens..
Marley was a bit 'Pampered' Boy,but,yeah,He was still Awesome..
And,yeah,He was So Obedient despite of His Arrogant Look style..
and Yeah..
I Guess,none of you will escape from Admiring this Boy..
Trust me..
Because,He is Human Best Friend!! ^_^.v..
Here we goes MARLEY!!

01 July 2011

Axiata Roam

 I catch these AXIATA ROAM when I was at KLIA just now.. ^_^.v.. Strange,but Cute!!

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"We Love Photography,We Don't yet Have a DSLR,so,We Go For Phonetography"

21 June 2011

Something For Sky Sunset Lover : Beaty

Yo photoholic!! ^_^.v.. Yeah,U wouldn't be here if U aren't interested in photo rite?? Hm,today,when I was off from work,and arrive safely at home,I was amazed by a SKY Formation,and suddenly,I think, I should take this!!
Yeah,this post was really for my Photographer Friend,who used to have DSLR and capture so much great SHOT!! I think,most of you here arrive from her BLOG.. Hm,yeah.. This post was for Her.. The Sky Sunset Lover : BEATY JOHN

Presenting U the SKY FORMATION!!

13 June 2011

#11 Random : KLIA

Yo Phonetographer.. ^_^.v.. I have no much to talk.. Just enjoy the PIX..^_^.. 
And tell me,which one do you prefer.. Edited or UnEdited (the edited version were those with watermark).. This is the reason Why I save all my picture.. ^_^.v..

05 June 2011

#3 Edit Job : Something For Iman

 Yeah,I got a job today.. and it Is for Iman.. one of my Blogging Friend..
Yeah,If you kinda interested to get One,just contact Aki via e-mail: or Facebook.. ^_^.v..
 This was the header....

 So,what's ur opinion?? Hehehe...

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"We Love Photography,We Don't yet Have a DSLR,so,We Go For Phonetography"

03 June 2011

#10 Random : My Old Moment

Yo People!! ^_^.v.. Hehehe.. Long time no see.. It's been 28 hours since i last posting.. ^_^.v.. Ok,for today's post,I just wanna re-post my old picture of Phonetography.. That time was like, "Oh,I have no beautiful wallpaper for my Phone".. Then I started to taking picture with my Nokia 5300..... and then.....

01 June 2011

#2 Edit Job : eXYanne Collection Header

Yeah.. Today's post was about another editing job.. 
and It is for....
eXYanne Collection Header.....
and need to be mention here,this blog were also another one of my blog.. ^_^.v..
Feel free to visit..
Here was my artwork....

for best view in black BG,click Picture

I try to make it as simple as possible.. and I think,I can manage it.. ^_^.v.. See it yourself at eXYanne Collection..

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"We Love Photography,We Don't yet Have a DSLR,so,We Go For Phonetography"

31 May 2011

#1 Edit Job : Our Phonetography Header

As you see above (I mean my header),It's the new header (I mean new with the Old lettering were still there).. But yeah,new style,with Transparent new Background.. ^_^.v..
I'm kinda new with Photoshop,so,that's the best I can DO....
and This is the MINI Version.. ^_^.v..

 Hm,how about this try?? Wanna give me some Idea?? ^_^.v..

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"We Love Photography,We Don't yet Have a DSLR,so,We Go For Phonetography"

29 May 2011

#9 Random : Total Messiness Artwork

Yo friend!! Everyone!! LoL.. Those title were nonsense,and so do this post..
U know what?? I've been busy at my office for too much drawing need to be settle.. ^_^.v.. (and know I'm hearing and 'Karaoke'ing Biarlah Bulan Bicara Sendiri for the settling down mode)
Hm,yeah,my partition was in total messy.... There were too much drawing to be shared in picture.......
And not to tell,my stock of FOOD (I love to eat while do my work.. LoL)
And furthermore........

#8 Random : Drawing Capture

Yo Phonetographer.. Hehehe.. I'm just trying to DRAW,and the result is,
I really can't do that good as BEFORE!!
Yeah,I'm used to be an Ex-Drawer.. (sound ridiculous)..
Back then,I usually have free time to do drawing with my Gorgeous Sister who appear to be a good artist in Drawing too.. And of coz,her Drawing were among the best,compare to me,as a BEGINNer.. 
But,this drawing,were some pieces that I sketch in my 'KAJANG-Rojak' Book..
and I use Pilot 1.0 for this drawing....

28 May 2011

#7 Random : Lumix Interception!!

Owh okay.. For today's post.. I've mix up with some compact camera Pic..
Yeah.It's Lumix something (I dont really remember)..
One of my friend own it,and I just use it..
The camera was something like this.......................

25 May 2011

#6 Random : Long Ago Trip - Kuching

Yo friend!! As I was folder walking in my PC,I met my old pic at Kuching that I didn't post to anywhere..
And I think It such a waste not to share with you all...
This was my Church trip to Kuching,and on our free day,we go for Lapis Cake Hunting,and this is our journey (after eating Kolok Mee).. Hehehe....

24 May 2011

#5 Random : Pirate Attack !!

Yo Friend!! There was Pirate Attack at Midvalley Megamall KL!!
Haha.. It was HSBC paid Promotion Of the Movie Pirate of The Caribbean...
And there was a HUGE Pirate Ship at Midvalley Centre Atrium!!
Hm,My Office was attached to the Midvalley Megamall,and we have lunch there....

#4 Random : a Walkhome Phonetography

Yeah.. Today,as Usual,I'm riding my friend's bike,back to home,from Office..
This day was not as usual.. My friend already warned me about the bike's tire that tend to lose it air.. I think due to the existing hole.. Then,we...........gone to TTDI Jaya to fix it.. Meanwhile,when we was almost home, I think It was approximately 5-6 km,suddenly the tires loses air.. I mean at once!! Yeah,it's not exploding or breaking,but the existing hole was leak again.. Deng.. And we stop at one of Petronas Oil Station near Federal Highway..... U know.......

23 May 2011

Photograph Basic Knowledge.

Hi, hi,
It's been a long time i didn't appear. fortunately, our big bro - Rexs, still updating his work here. Thanks Rexs. I am busy with my final exam actually. But, i am missing this phonetography. :(

Hmm, I was moved to another blogger about my phonetography. I made it on purpose of collecting all my art there, no matter what it is. Mind if anybody visit me and teach me.

As today, i wanted to share something about basic knowledge of photograph. It's angle. I did used this photo before but i didn't realized about the role of the angle. I juts captured it like that. But, when i come back and look at em, i know there's something special about it.

Read it HERE.

Thank you guys.

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 "We Love Photography,We Don't yet Have a DSLR,so,We Go For Phonetography"


22 May 2011

#3 Random : Self Studio Phonetograhpy

Yo Phonetographer!! So sorry for the long time un-updated blog.. Our Phonetography Team was so busy due to work,studying matter.. But,yet,we still do Phonetography.. It's just we didn't have the time to upload it.. 
By the way,how was your phonetographing progress?? ......

08 May 2011

#2 Random : Tasik Shah Alam

 This was Aki Latest Outing at Tasik Shah Alam.. ^_^.v.. Enjoy everyone.. I Love this place,so many angle that can be taken,and the place was outrages too.. So,enjoy every one..

29 April 2011

#1 Random : Cherating

Remember I told U I were at Cherating attending my Office Course?? Yeah,for two week there,my handphone were my bestfriend.. I want to bring the Nikon D90,but then,some problem happen,and as USUAL,my Nokia 5300 1.3mp Handphone Camera being my most best friend....

26 April 2011

#Tutorial 3 : Photography Composition : Joan Version

This Articles was Copied from Joan
Her Articles were in Sabahan BM,so do check this one out y'all.. ^_^.v..

Composition was a very basic knowledge in Photography.. There are so many Composition Style in Photography.. And If You can control these Point,the Focus of your Picture,then,Ur Picture will be WOW!!..

These Rule that have been guiding us was based on scientific research on HOW do Human Eyes react towards PICTURE Focus Point.. That's why,Our Focus need to be where The GOOD Photography Point are.........

22 April 2011

#21 : Week 6 : Kids

Hello Phonetographer!! Today's was AKI's post.. Hehehe..
too busy for last two week,but still,I got something for ya..
No need to talk so much as...........

21 April 2011

#20 : Week 6 : Kids

 Hi there everyone...
Yeah,1st of all,I'm very sorry that I haven't updated this blog for two week due to I have to attend and Induction Course held by my Office.. And yeah,very damn tired.. So,here was Beth shot.. I was too late for even to take a view for her shot..
and yeah,as Usual,her shot will always best.. Futhermore,these theme 'KIDS' was choosen by her.. ^_^.v..

17 April 2011

#19 : Week 6 : Kids

we were so sorry for the inconvenience. We didn't upload the picture right on time. As for me, Cyeka, i am involved in my UBF camp then continue with a formal events at TYT palace at Kota Kinabalu continued by Church Leaders Convention at Taman Pertanian Tenom. I just come back for now. and i am so sorry. Rexs, one of the editor of this blog also busy with His course now. I am not really sure wat course is that but, it kinda important to him.

So. here are some of the picture related to the last theme - Kids.

Place: Kundasang War Memorial park

02 April 2011

#18 : Week 5 : Hand

Yeah Hello PhotoHolic!! ^_^.v..
Back today was Beth's shot.. Usually,her shot was the 1st one I have to upload..
but THIS WEEK,We rule out the habit,and yeah,this last post for Our Phonetography Team shot,was Beth.. Yeah.. 
And for the next theme also,we have BETH's choice of title..
Hm,this week was an easy task of everybody,as everyone make out
an OUTRAGES shot.. I didn't mean to PROUD of Ourselves,but,yeah,
This program really teach us so much things.. Although there are some people who didn't like or support so much this ACTIVITIES,but...............

01 April 2011

#17 : Week 5 : Hand

Yeah,back again today for Miela's turn..
For this week,I'm gladly that everyone submit their work on TIME.. and My job on publishing gonna be a lot easier.. Plus,there were so much time given by Cyeka to help me posting,
really help me a lot..
Don't forget to visit her own BLOG.. ^_^.v..
Yeah.. and here we go for Miela's shot.... \/\/\/

31 March 2011

#16 : Week 5 : Hands

Hi readers,
I think this week theme also challenging. 
Like what our rexs told us before we are fighting with the shadow and tiny things. 
It's hard to focus on that actually...
But, i did try my best and this is my result.
Enjoy and feel free to comment.

Fight the GERMS. Wash your hands before and after your meal.

30 March 2011

#15 : Week 5 : Hand

©gurangak  L E N S
Tribute to ©OUR Phonetography TEAM
©Our Phonetography

YO Hello everybody.. ^_^.v.. A bit late for this week,as everybody was so busy..
but yet
For ©Our Phonetography still,we have a time to capture something
and post.. For this week,the theme was selected by Aki and it was......

27 March 2011

#2 Sharing: Cyeka's experience

Hello readers,
Another words for us from Cyeka;
It's not the cover but the quality...
It's not about the quality of the camera but the skills...

Today's entry is about my shoot long time ago...
I used my Hp K550i to capture all of this photo...
This picture has been commented and adviced by Frisco, Rabani, Feremmiew, charlie and Sis Khairunie. 
They are all my idola..

26 March 2011

#14 : Week 4 : Weather

Yeah.. a back to back post for Miela's shot.. I like.. ^_^.v.. Hehehe.. She submit her 3rd and 4th week shot in ONE SHOT!!.. and 1 things about that,I really like her shot this time.. or may I say Miela's Team..
Yeah,over the 4 of Our Phonetography Phonetographer,Miela was the

24 March 2011

#13 : Week 4: Weather

Hi photo holic... =)
Now, it's my turn to post my homework...
Let see...
Crocker Range, Keningau...
So cold tis moment..

23 March 2011

#12 : Week 4 : Weather

 Yeah,here we come for AKI's shot..
 I'm very sorry to say that this week was very hard for me as I stay at Home for 4 days because of some UnTOLDable sickness..
Hahaha.. And I can't go out for Phonetographing!!
But,for sure I have some collection of

22 March 2011

#11 : Week 4 : Weather

yeah,©O U R Phonetography team already make it to the 4th week.. And this week title was chosen by Miela.. and she choose WEATHER..
Quite challenging,and,for this week,we really try our best to give U the BEST SHOT!!
and here,as Usual,Beth was the 1st one to submit her HOMEWORK.. ^_^.v.. Yeah,she's the best at homework..
and,there U go for her shot..

belle yuki phonetography

belle yuki phonetography

belle yuki phonetography

belle yuki phonetography

belle yuki phonetography

belle yuki phonetography

belle yuki phonetography

And yeah.. still,astonishing as usual.. ^_^.v.. Hehehe.. Any comment??

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"We Love Photography,We Don't yet Have a DSLR,so,We Go For Phonetography"

18 March 2011

#10 : Week 3 : Building

Yeah,this was a delayed post.. U just can see the number,but,yeah,I'm synchronizing the counting with the other.. Last theme,building.. Our Phonetography Miela,cannot submit her shot due to some error..
She had cover the error with some great shot.. ^_^.v.. And all of Us gonna like it..
For Our Phonetography,our shot was a beginner shot,that,every single shot is a learning time.. 
and here,was some of Miela's Shot over building..

Miela Phonetography  

Miela Phonetography

Miela Phonetography

Miela Phonetography

Miela Phonetography
So,astonishing huh?? I like,especially,the Novotel one.. Hehe.. So,what's ur comment??!!

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"We Love Photography,We Don't yet Have a DSLR,so,We Go For Phonetography"

17 March 2011

#9 : Week 3 : Building

 and Yeah,Aki is in de house again.. Posting His work.. LoL..
I managed to control my act to not post while actually I have the things!!
Err,actually,I'm just addicted to post everyday,
dat's y I'm delaying my SHOT..
For me,Building is a very nice subject, U can take any shot,and still,U have a good great view of em..
Well,dat's because,Building is a Large Subject,that,what we need,
is just finding a place to take the shot..
the Right place will give you the RIGHT WOW.. Hehehe

and here was some of aKi's shot..

©gurangak  L E N S
I dont know what the building is.. I just took it from the windows of IPJKR,KL

©gurangak  L E N S
This was a view of KL from IPJKR windows..

©gurangak  L E N S
nah,same as above.. ^_^.v..

©gurangak  L E N S
This is,MY FLAT of coz.. Mine was the one with 4 marked on it.. Hahaha..

©gurangak  L E N S
A view Of IGB Building at Midvalley.. Taken form the windows of My Office,IPJKR MIDVALLEY..

©gurangak  L E N S
Putrajaya Mosque Of Coz.. ^_^.v.. I Like This Structure..

©gurangak  L E N S
None of the Less,this was KLCC PETRONAS TWIN TOWER.. Hehehe..
Yeah,this is obviously Aki's shot.. And this was taken along my time from home going to work and home again.. Except for the Putrajaya Mosque which I take it accidentally when running away from Office.. Hahaha.. And yeah,I love Building Capturing.. The Challenge is TO HAVE the MOST Synchronized Background.. Yeah.. But I think,I can manage it..
Thanks Phonetographer.. ^_^.v..

-And yeah,do leave a comment,if you have any tips or suggestion or any question.. ^_^.v.. Thanks....

Keep in Touch with us Weekly for more new PhoneTOGRAPHY.. 

"We Love Photography,We Don't yet Have a DSLR,so,We Go For Phonetography"

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