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02 April 2011

#18 : Week 5 : Hand

Yeah Hello PhotoHolic!! ^_^.v..
Back today was Beth's shot.. Usually,her shot was the 1st one I have to upload..
but THIS WEEK,We rule out the habit,and yeah,this last post for Our Phonetography Team shot,was Beth.. Yeah.. 
And for the next theme also,we have BETH's choice of title..
Hm,this week was an easy task of everybody,as everyone make out
an OUTRAGES shot.. I didn't mean to PROUD of Ourselves,but,yeah,
This program really teach us so much things.. Although there are some people who didn't like or support so much this ACTIVITIES,but...............

01 April 2011

#17 : Week 5 : Hand

Yeah,back again today for Miela's turn..
For this week,I'm gladly that everyone submit their work on TIME.. and My job on publishing gonna be a lot easier.. Plus,there were so much time given by Cyeka to help me posting,
really help me a lot..
Don't forget to visit her own BLOG.. ^_^.v..
Yeah.. and here we go for Miela's shot.... \/\/\/

31 March 2011

#16 : Week 5 : Hands

Hi readers,
I think this week theme also challenging. 
Like what our rexs told us before we are fighting with the shadow and tiny things. 
It's hard to focus on that actually...
But, i did try my best and this is my result.
Enjoy and feel free to comment.

Fight the GERMS. Wash your hands before and after your meal.

30 March 2011

#15 : Week 5 : Hand

©gurangak  L E N S
Tribute to ©OUR Phonetography TEAM
©Our Phonetography

YO Hello everybody.. ^_^.v.. A bit late for this week,as everybody was so busy..
but yet
For ©Our Phonetography still,we have a time to capture something
and post.. For this week,the theme was selected by Aki and it was......

27 March 2011

#2 Sharing: Cyeka's experience

Hello readers,
Another words for us from Cyeka;
It's not the cover but the quality...
It's not about the quality of the camera but the skills...

Today's entry is about my shoot long time ago...
I used my Hp K550i to capture all of this photo...
This picture has been commented and adviced by Frisco, Rabani, Feremmiew, charlie and Sis Khairunie. 
They are all my idola..
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