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06 July 2011

#12 Random : Awesome Marley!!

Hey Yo Photoholic!! Another Unsuspected Outing with Marley.. He was so cute and Adoreable..
And One thing For sure,Marley was a great Boy who Love to pose as we ask..
And He is just so Handsome in front Of Lens..
Marley was a bit 'Pampered' Boy,but,yeah,He was still Awesome..
And,yeah,He was So Obedient despite of His Arrogant Look style..
and Yeah..
I Guess,none of you will escape from Admiring this Boy..
Trust me..
Because,He is Human Best Friend!! ^_^.v..
Here we goes MARLEY!!

So,He is Cute and Adoreable rite?? ^_^.v..

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MyGamanBorNeo said...

uikksss ... bikin saspen owh. cute owh anjing kamu. tp anjing ni mau kawasan rumah luas baru ngam pelihara. Anjing jiran kami bikin kesian betul, selalu dikurung dlm kandang. Kdg bunyi anjing dia mcm menangis ... stress bah tu kan.

Aki said...

hehehe.. ini di church punya anjing ba ni.. tu la dia bebas,lari sini sana.. ^_^.v..

Azeanthy Paiman said...

aki,sy suka tu anjing,comel btul!!!

kesian dia kena kurung oo...

Aki said...

Kak Yan : hehehe.. tu la.. so adoreable kan??

beaty said...

adeh cute ni anjing ni...suka owh laping lagi telinga dia kan

Aki said...

hehehe.. kiut sangat2 kan?? ^_^.v..

joy said...

astajahhhhhhh rexxeee anjing yang ku mahu!!!!

Aki said...

joyce : ahaha.. ada di cec ni skrg.. ntah sepa punya..

The Heart's vomits said...

eeee... kawaaaaiiii betul oo ni.. nice shoot aki. :) mcm sa mau sayang2 ja ni anjing tau,

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Dev Clarehova said...


LauraLeia said...

Marley is so cute!! :D Btw, love the title of your blog, hehe~

Miki Aya said...

He's the most adorable thing, ever!

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