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01 November 2011

A Notification?

Hey,it's been years that I'm not updating here right?? Err,to be frank, I still love photo.. it's just my phone have some problem and the picture won't come out.. Ok,I lied.. I just give my phone to my Sumandak (girlfriend).. Ha ha ha..

By the way,I do have so many picture to shared actually,but still don't have the time to upload it yet.. Or may I say, I'm in the mood of Photoshophobia right now??

But a bit for you to see before I continue updating again will be this picture..

 Ok,you can see most of the details about the picture above in HERE.. And yeah, I'm focusing too much on my personal blog at until I can't find the right time to be updating here..

But no worry,will get you more of Handphone Shooting after this.. err,I mean, if I can get my handphone upgraded.. ^_^.v..

Meanwhile,I actually in the progress of constructing of another photography blog which the photographer was a friend of mine and we was compiling the picture right now.. And when it's done, We will updating it Hopefully DAILY.. But for now,you can follow em at .. 

Thanks again for all of your support ! !

Keep in Touch with us Weekly for more new PhoneTOGRAPHY.. 

"We Love Photography,We Don't yet Have a DSLR,so,We Go For Phonetography" 


de engineur said...

Great photo! Two decent shots, IMHO.

no worries bout the gadget, it's the person behind the lens that matters!

Blackswan said...

PhoneToGraphy is really new to me. I like the cool name :) Post more great pix yah??

thehootingmind said...

blogger newbie here crawling for fellas :)

how are you? i invite you to view my blog :)

im into choosing dslr :)

ChiChi81 said...

Wow, very nice photos, especially that photo of the blue sky from below, handphone cams can really surprise you, ya? :)

Oh, and thanks for dropping by my blog! Sorry it took a while for me to get back to you :) Oh and btw, I am Filipino.


A Single Girl's Musings

Miki Aya said...

These are photos of a stadium, yeah? Nice shots!

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