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07 March 2011

#5 : Week 2 : Insect

And yeah,a Lil bit late,but yup,still,it's the due date today,and I should submit..
Ok,this is Aki's shot..
unfortunately,so hard to get a nice shot actually,to challenging..
with camera that only have 1.3 mp and just auto focus..
this is the only shot Aki managed to get..
But for sure,it's hardwork.. 
(there's nowhere to find any insect ALIVE at KL huh??)

Here's the shot...
©gurangak  L E N S
©gurangak  L E N S
©gurangak  L E N S
©gurangak  L E N S
©gurangak  L E N S
©gurangak  L E N S
©gurangak  L E N S

 So,that's all for this week,and were still waiting from Miela.. ^_^.v..

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Cho said...

rexs, ni lipas hidup ka apa? hilang gia tu kaki dia sebelah...

exyanne said...

Lipas mati Cho.. Haha.. Memang mati sedia.. sa gambar ja.. ^_^.v..

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