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24 March 2011

#13 : Week 4: Weather

Hi photo holic... =)
Now, it's my turn to post my homework...
Let see...
Crocker Range, Keningau...
So cold tis moment..

It's him, i wonder if you can see what actually i wanna
express here.
Yea, a strong wind - look at the umbrella.
But seems can't express huh?
After raining...
The one and only tower at Crocker Range.
After raining~ =)

After raining - A road, a shadow and an umbrella.
Sediakan payung sebelum hujan~

Any better idea for me to enhance the story of the picture?
I was looking towards to you~
And sory, i can't even capture any single image under a hot sun~
Poor me...
But i hope i can~ someday~
More on;

Leave me an advice please!
Because i need to move to a better skill like u all do =)
Thanks view.

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Cinoi said...

The road, shadow and umbrella is the best. Tp kurang sharp. But nice though

The Heart's vomits said...

hi Cinoi: "sharp"... can i have more explanation abt tis?? sa kurang faham ni~=)

exyanne said...

Hehe.. NVM Cyeka.. That's the best you can get with ur current hp mp quality.. Sharp mean,kejituan??! hehe.. Mean,gambar yang sharp is,every detail was shown greatly.. That's what she mean.. Hehe..

The Heart's vomits said...

ooo... ok2.. nnt shoot guna dslr.. (angan2) hihi

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