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26 March 2011

#14 : Week 4 : Weather

Yeah.. a back to back post for Miela's shot.. I like.. ^_^.v.. Hehehe.. She submit her 3rd and 4th week shot in ONE SHOT!!.. and 1 things about that,I really like her shot this time.. or may I say Miela's Team..
Yeah,over the 4 of Our Phonetography Phonetographer,Miela was the
only one to have her own phonetographer team,which I don't care,as long as we can learn together.. ^_^.v.. I like.. 
SO,for Miela's shot upon her OWN selected title,this was her SHOT..

 I told you rite!! She choose this theme as she was actually good at this.. Hehe.. so,any comment?? 

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