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29 May 2011

#8 Random : Drawing Capture

Yo Phonetographer.. Hehehe.. I'm just trying to DRAW,and the result is,
I really can't do that good as BEFORE!!
Yeah,I'm used to be an Ex-Drawer.. (sound ridiculous)..
Back then,I usually have free time to do drawing with my Gorgeous Sister who appear to be a good artist in Drawing too.. And of coz,her Drawing were among the best,compare to me,as a BEGINNer.. 
But,this drawing,were some pieces that I sketch in my 'KAJANG-Rojak' Book..
and I use Pilot 1.0 for this drawing....
Ok,why there were drawing in  this Phonetography area?? Hm,they were capture by my Nokia 5300 of Course.. ^_^.v.. So,Just enjoy My Drawing,and every comment upon the Beginner Drawing will be accepted.. (I don't care even if U r saying My Drawing were very BAD coz I know it's SUX)

So,where's yours?? Hehehe.. I'm sorry for those drawing that just LOOK ALIKE,as I draw this Instantaneously when I was at Cherating.. And I give this Drawing to my Friend (whom going there with me) and thanks for the view Everyone!! ^_^.v..

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Zurina J. said...

Gahhhh! Punyalaaa....
Aku nda pandai melukis langsung... Cantik eih lukisanmu... Ko guna pakai jari yang di headermu tu kah? keh²


Aki said...

Kak Jue... Hm,ni bida ni.. kalau kakak nampak adik sa melukis,mungkin trus nda besuara oh kakak.. (macam sa..)
Hm,ya,ari tu kawan bagi tajuk tangan,jadi sa bikin gitu la.. ^_^.v.. Hehehe..

Zurina J. said...

Hmmmmmmmmmpss... tinguk lukisanmu pun tediam... nanti upload hasil lukisan adikmu pula ya... :)

Aki said...

saya cuba cari.. hehehe.. tunggu sa balik Sabah la dulu Kak.. ^_^.v..

Zurina J. said...

Ok orait! :)

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