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22 April 2011

#21 : Week 6 : Kids

Hello Phonetographer!! Today's was AKI's post.. Hehehe..
too busy for last two week,but still,I got something for ya..
No need to talk so much as...........
All of U must be wanna see pictures Only right??
So,here it is.. ^_^.v..

 Yeah.. That's for this week.. Wait till next week OK.. ^_^.v..

Keep in Touch with us Weekly for more new PhoneTOGRAPHY..

"We Love Photography,We Don't yet Have a DSLR,so,We Go For Phonetography"


DiDa Licious said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DiDa Licious said...

i did some phonetography here..pls check it out & kindly need ur comments...thanx

beaty said...

rajin jua kamu punya team ni p gambar2 jarang suda keluar..selalu ujan ja ni petang

exyanne said...

hehehe.. boring2 beaty.. Ni la kerja.. ^_^.v.. (padahal banyak kerja ni).. Lagipun,kita memang bawa handphone p mana2 kan.. Hehehe..

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