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17 April 2011

#19 : Week 6 : Kids

we were so sorry for the inconvenience. We didn't upload the picture right on time. As for me, Cyeka, i am involved in my UBF camp then continue with a formal events at TYT palace at Kota Kinabalu continued by Church Leaders Convention at Taman Pertanian Tenom. I just come back for now. and i am so sorry. Rexs, one of the editor of this blog also busy with His course now. I am not really sure wat course is that but, it kinda important to him.

So. here are some of the picture related to the last theme - Kids.

Place: Kundasang War Memorial park

Audrey looking at the bible

Audrey playing her toys.

A baby step - baby Allen.

Baby allen with Audrey's toys.

It's Bryan (Audrey's bro) and Baby Allen
That's all from me, and i'll continue with Beth picture. :)
Regards and visit my personal blog for more picture.

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Anonymous said...

cute kids..! tpa bah lambat.. kmi faham juga tu.. ^^v

The Heart's vomits said...

ya, sure they are cute. Thanks Germaine. :) Thanks for visiting us here. :) <3 I'll visit ur blog. n follow you.

beaty said...

owh pandai suda ko ambil gambar budak owh kan

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