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17 March 2011

#9 : Week 3 : Building

 and Yeah,Aki is in de house again.. Posting His work.. LoL..
I managed to control my act to not post while actually I have the things!!
Err,actually,I'm just addicted to post everyday,
dat's y I'm delaying my SHOT..
For me,Building is a very nice subject, U can take any shot,and still,U have a good great view of em..
Well,dat's because,Building is a Large Subject,that,what we need,
is just finding a place to take the shot..
the Right place will give you the RIGHT WOW.. Hehehe

and here was some of aKi's shot..

©gurangak  L E N S
I dont know what the building is.. I just took it from the windows of IPJKR,KL

©gurangak  L E N S
This was a view of KL from IPJKR windows..

©gurangak  L E N S
nah,same as above.. ^_^.v..

©gurangak  L E N S
This is,MY FLAT of coz.. Mine was the one with 4 marked on it.. Hahaha..

©gurangak  L E N S
A view Of IGB Building at Midvalley.. Taken form the windows of My Office,IPJKR MIDVALLEY..

©gurangak  L E N S
Putrajaya Mosque Of Coz.. ^_^.v.. I Like This Structure..

©gurangak  L E N S
None of the Less,this was KLCC PETRONAS TWIN TOWER.. Hehehe..
Yeah,this is obviously Aki's shot.. And this was taken along my time from home going to work and home again.. Except for the Putrajaya Mosque which I take it accidentally when running away from Office.. Hahaha.. And yeah,I love Building Capturing.. The Challenge is TO HAVE the MOST Synchronized Background.. Yeah.. But I think,I can manage it..
Thanks Phonetographer.. ^_^.v..

-And yeah,do leave a comment,if you have any tips or suggestion or any question.. ^_^.v.. Thanks....

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beaty said...

love the sky for the 2nd last photo..owwwhhh i love this

exyanne said...

Yeah,I see,how Much You Love Cloud.. ^_^.v.. That's y I show U this post.. Thanks for the view!! ^_^.v..

shereena said...

gurangak?macam penah dengar.

FarhaNezam said...

some pic blur..
but nice angle..

exyanne said...

sherena : Hehe.. Itu watermark ja ba tu.. ^_^.v..

FarhaNezam : Yeah,it is because I'm only using my 1.3mp hp camera.. T_T.v.. Poor me can't have any DSLR..

CinoiLavigne said...

Love the 1st photo

exyanne said...

Thanks Cinoi. ^_^.v..

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