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17 March 2011

#8 : Week 3 : Building

It's thursday.
Yeah, it's thursday!
I am late. Too late to post my picture.
I'm sorry, i took picture by using Michelle hand phone.
(I just borrow it because i don't have mine)
Then, i didn't manage to get the picture right away because i just can use it anytime i wish too..
That's not my phone.
Actually she did give it to one of my friends but idk why, 
i didn't get it.

btw, now, although some of my pixca is missing...
I just upload this first. 
Another you can visit my blog:
to see the other picture.

Here we go.
Idk what actually this building us,
but we can saw it when we go
to the PULAKO at IPG Kampus Keningau.

This is a preschool building actually.
The mistakes is obvious there...
The tree was distracting the object...
I promise, i'll go there again and take some picture
and try to avoid those distraction.. 
Tan Sri Suffian Koro Hall - IPG Kampus Keningau
It's the place where we gather the most :)

Sk.Kg.Keningau Hall.
And wow! i like the place where it made. :)

A Pathway - you can refer the photo with some
quotations which just come out from my mind while
i'm capturing this picture.

And again, the Sk. Kg. Keningau Hall.
Different angle made some differences for that building. 

Em, I put that words there because this building is
the only one which can considered as 'OLD'.
Then i taught, this building is the most
nostalgic building. 
The language of photography speak towards my heart through phonetography.
Some mistakes are obvious here and please tell me if i didn't notice it.
I'll improve the skill from time to time.
Thanks Phonetography, Thanks time and thanks LANGUAGE.
It just fulfilled my heart and remind me clearly on what i've passed through at the past.
What a nostalgic moment.

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beaty said...

oh no sa suka tu sky punya gamabr owh yanh hall obses sama sky formation yang lawa

The Heart's vomits said...

thanks... =) sa pn suka langit ni... ;)

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