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14 March 2011

#1 Sharing : Cyeka's Experience

Agricultural park, located at Tenom Sabah~

Hi readers...
first of all, i wanna ask, did u ever capture something that really surrounds you but when you capture it, you did not see the beauty inside the picture instead of what you saw with your own eyes? 

Yeah, that was me before.
I like to go for picnic especially when it comes with environment (green environment).
It kinda refreshing me
I wanna capture all moment that i experienced so i'll never forget it. 
But, yeah. it comes to disappointment when i cannot manage to capture what i saw with my own camera.
I taught we experienced it before we moved to be a better photographer.. ;)
Mount Kinabalu from Ranau.
This picture is one of the example that i can say - oh no, i can't capture it!
I want to capture the mount kinabalu and it's beauty but i cannot because;
1. Low quality of camera and it cannot zoom towards the image that i need @ the object was too far from me.
2. I'm bad at taking an angle for the object.
3. Less experience.
4. Less imagination.
5. Less focus.
6. Lack of capturing skill in the lens.

So, readers, i've examined the reasons why i capture such things. 
Then i realized, to capture a good picture i must prepare myself...

(depends on the quality of your camera). 
For example, the Mount Kinabalu above is a big subject and too far from Ranau Town. If you use a simple camera, eg; SE K550i - 2.2mp camera, the picture will blur/too small/unknown. 

#2. Fulfilled your mind with a lot of knowledge in photography~
Knowledge doesn't mean for official photographer only.
It belongs to us... to anyone.
So, why not, if we have any free time, read a simple thoughts about photography.
Such as, The Rule Of Third. It was the simple and basic knowledge for photographer.
If you are kind of busy person / don't like (lazy) to read a long long sentence, just look at the picture - a lot of picture from any photographer and examine their art.

Let's take this as an example. If we never saw any people eat a banana before, and we want to eat banana, we might eat that banana with their skin (omg.. what is kulit pisang in english?LOL).
See, if we never look / have any imagination on how people capture photo, we might cannot capture better. Why not, TRY IT! =)

Yeah, i'm fully agreed with the sentences.
To capture a better picture, you need to practice more and more.
Never refuse this.
Do not satisfied with only one photo you take.
Do not delete the photo that you think you don't like. It might interesting and unique when you examine your photo again. Or maybe you can use it as a helper in next photograph session.

Regarding to the #2, it's better if you decide to take a photo of your own theme - example : Insect, you can always look at the better photo anywhere and make it as your target to copy / recapture by your own skills.

For example, i took this as my example:

And, i capture this:

The picture might not really same but then the composition of the picture is almost same (Taken when the insect was in the grass)

Another example:

I capture:
 Their orientation is same right?

Thats what i mean about copying others skills.

#4. last but not least, 
When you are capturing something, please capture what you saw. Do not capture just like that. And yeah, capture what story in your heart for what you are capturing, Every photo explain a story. Your own story. 
So, anyone who interested in photograph, capture it with your heart. =) I hope you all understand what i'm trying to say.

Thanks View ;)
Regards from me.

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exyanne said...

Thanks For The Post Sis!! ^_^.v..

The Heart's vomits said...

yea.. can i post anytime?

-Jerry- said...

my 2 cents, the 5 senses cant interfere with each other when it comes to photography. for example, when you are at kundasang, the surrounding makes your mind say it is a nice place, the cool winds on ur skin, the calm sounds of breeze, the fresh smell of trees... but then what really matters is light and how you could manipulate it to make a great photo. keeping this in mind would be the next step. about the camera quality, that usually dont matter as long as there is depth

exyanne said...

Cyeka : Yeah,anytime.. Don't worry,I'll do the editing like I've done to this.. Hehe..

Jerry : Thanks!! Once again,a great tips.. ^_^.v.. Hehehe...

yanty said...

woooaahh.....sabahan kaa??didn't noe u guys luv capture n snap2...hehehe....i luv d nature...esp,sunset...oohh,such a gud story there wen u watch d sunset n nt capture in ur mind bt oso in ur photo..stil learn hw 2 capture a really nice photo...
p/s: 1st i saw d photo of tenom agri park,i jz eerrrkkk....i noe dis place...hehe...

exyanne said...

Yanty : Yeah of kos Sabahan.. Ni kali la.. ^_^.v.. Every single thing is a nice subject.. Hehe.. Hm,try click on the Tutorial.. Harap2 bulih la tulung sikit2.. Hehe.. ^_^.v.. Kalau mau buat follower entry pun boleh.. ^_^.v.. Post ja di Blog,then saya re-copy ja nanti,yang penting,backlink pigi Blog ni la.. then,inform sini blog tentang tu Post.. ^_^.v.. Hehe..
Happy Snapping PhoneTographer.. ^_^.v..

edith said...

hi.. u dont have a shoutbox, so i'll shout here.. haha.. was here yaa..

exyanne said...

Hehe.. Thanks Edith.. Actually,we have.. But,maybe due to some problem,it didn't appear... ^_^.v..

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