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27 March 2011

#2 Sharing: Cyeka's experience

Hello readers,
Another words for us from Cyeka;
It's not the cover but the quality...
It's not about the quality of the camera but the skills...

Today's entry is about my shoot long time ago...
I used my Hp K550i to capture all of this photo...
This picture has been commented and adviced by Frisco, Rabani, Feremmiew, charlie and Sis Khairunie. 
They are all my idola..
and i love their shoot.
this is what i have long time ago...
We might used it as a guide...
perhaps sometimes as a way to entertain the PHONE tography world. =)

Tats my friend - a walking after our lecture
that evening. I just really like the environment
Actually, this flower isn't really beautiful. but
i did really love to see it through the camera.
A flower... 
Another flower...
This is a tree, just besides our TSSK Hall
IPG Kampus Keningau.
aa! this is the picture that i really wanna share.
Long time ago, when i capture this picture, i did love the
Fruit there (is that a fruit? LOL)
I captured it. But when my friend Charlie told me,
It seems that i focus on the tree
can u saw tat? The front object is BLUR!
It shouldn't be like this rite?
U noe what i mean. I'm Sure!

I called it - A haunted tree...
A pathway vs A jogging way! =)
Another PATHWAY version!
Rabani did told me about this photo.
The tree on the right is too overexposed!
I promise, i'll shoot again from here next time!
Wait for the coming photo.
THE VIEW OF IPG HOSTEL from the field.
I Don't have any idea about this... perhaps! =)
Our campus~

I hate photographer. Really. I tot that their shoot is totally fake! It full of beauty but when i go to that place, it doesn't same with what they shoot!

But, I DO adore them. Because only Photography can see and show the beauty instead of the ugliness!

enjoy and feel free to help me improve.
(comment my photo please. I'll appreciate it!)


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beaty said...

cantik ini gambar ohh suka..duiii

exyanne said...

Oh,ini dari koleksi tu kawan sa.. c Cyeka.. Hehehe.. Dia lagi duluan ni phonetography.. ^_^.v..

Anonymous said...

nice picture..tq Cyeka

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