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02 April 2011

#18 : Week 5 : Hand

Yeah Hello PhotoHolic!! ^_^.v..
Back today was Beth's shot.. Usually,her shot was the 1st one I have to upload..
but THIS WEEK,We rule out the habit,and yeah,this last post for Our Phonetography Team shot,was Beth.. Yeah.. 
And for the next theme also,we have BETH's choice of title..
Hm,this week was an easy task of everybody,as everyone make out
an OUTRAGES shot.. I didn't mean to PROUD of Ourselves,but,yeah,
This program really teach us so much things.. Although there are some people who didn't like or support so much this ACTIVITIES,but............... WHO CARES,they have their DSLR,and make fun of US who just USE Handphone Camera.. 
Hahaha.. But for sure,they may best on their PICTURE Quality,but Us here
provide U our Learning Perspective,and I rather Say,We Have Much IDEA as We Are often Training Ourselves.. ^_^.v.. And we move on,with every TITLE,We're Stepping Foward!!.. ^_^.v.. Practice is Much Important..

SO,this is Beth's Shot For This WEEK.. ^_^.v..

 SO,I Don't really care what U'll say,BUT Yeah,WE DON'T YET HAVE A DSLR.. Don't let our Phonetography SHOT Make Ur DSLR Shot to the LoWest Part.. We Are Learning Together,and Let Us Do it on OuR Own Style..

By the WAY, Commenting on Our Shot,will Really GLADLY Accepted,as WE HAVE To LEARN as EVERYONE.. ^_^.v.. Thanks For The View..
Love U All..

Keep in Touch with us Weekly for more new PhoneTOGRAPHY.. 

"We Love Photography,We Don't yet Have a DSLR,so,We Go For Phonetography"


joe said...

hi...sory lmbt reply comment ko..been busy with work..huhuhu...owh pasal 2 post, buli saja ba kalo 2 pun sa kumpul2 dri intrnet apa slhnya share2 kita..hehe..bah~ b my guest kio.. ^^

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