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22 May 2011

#3 Random : Self Studio Phonetograhpy

Yo Phonetographer!! So sorry for the long time un-updated blog.. Our Phonetography Team was so busy due to work,studying matter.. But,yet,we still do Phonetography.. It's just we didn't have the time to upload it.. 
By the way,how was your phonetographing progress?? ......

I'm sure all of you should have done it more better right now,as there was TUTORIAL by Aki in this blog.. Yeah,you may click above to go directly to em.. ^_^.v..

This picture were taken by the Lowest Setting (so,U know how it is when it comes tu Maximum Setting) of HTC Desire HD (Android 2.2 Froyo)

The Studio were invented in a second.. Using a ruff A0 Paper,and a desk,with some clippers,we manage to have a mini studio.. One thing about paper,it's easy,cheap and flexible.. ^_^.v..
Try Yourself!!

Keep in Touch with us Weekly for more new PhoneTOGRAPHY.. 

"We Love Photography,We Don't yet Have a DSLR,so,We Go For Phonetography"


Azeanthy Paiman said... cute the toys....may i have one?hehe..

nice pic..=)

exyanne said...

Hm,thanks Yan.. eh,besa2 ja ba ni gambar.. pakai HP ja.. len la macam ko,pakai DSLR.. ^_^.v.. Hm,ni toys?? sa pun curi kawan punya.. hahaha..

beaty said...

nice work ni..heheh..simple but smart bh ni

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