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24 May 2011

#5 Random : Pirate Attack !!

Yo Friend!! There was Pirate Attack at Midvalley Megamall KL!!
Haha.. It was HSBC paid Promotion Of the Movie Pirate of The Caribbean...
And there was a HUGE Pirate Ship at Midvalley Centre Atrium!!
Hm,My Office was attached to the Midvalley Megamall,and we have lunch there....
I mean,I go shopping everyday!! Window Shopping!! LoL.. So,I just capture this,and freshly for you all to view!! ^_^.v..
Hehehe.. Enjoy people.. ^_^.v..

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Azeanthy Paiman said...

d midvalley ka ni?wow..

exyanne said...

ya Kak Yan.. Midvalley.. ^_^.v.. Tempat sa kerja ba ni.. tu la ari2 nampak.. apa2 y baru,nampak la tu.. ^_^.v..

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