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24 May 2011

#4 Random : a Walkhome Phonetography

Yeah.. Today,as Usual,I'm riding my friend's bike,back to home,from Office..
This day was not as usual.. My friend already warned me about the bike's tire that tend to lose it air.. I think due to the existing hole.. Then,we...........gone to TTDI Jaya to fix it.. Meanwhile,when we was almost home, I think It was approximately 5-6 km,suddenly the tires loses air.. I mean at once!! Yeah,it's not exploding or breaking,but the existing hole was leak again.. Deng.. And we stop at one of Petronas Oil Station near Federal Highway..... U know.......
my home was at Section 18 of Shah Alam.. 5-6 km I think.. And I really didn't want to bother my Friend anymore..
After all,I think it was me who makes that tires got flat.. Yeah,I'm 77kg (and losing.. haha).. and I really think I am the Factor of the Tires to be Flat.. Hehehe..
I call one of my housemate to pick me up,but He's not available,so do the other one.. I ask that friend of mine to just ride her flatten tire bike to just ho on,and tell him,someone is going to pick me up..
 So,I then try to walk away to home.. ^_^.v.. 
And,when I was walking,Phonetography Topic plays in my mind.. Yeah.. It just come..
Hahaha.. Then,here,I'm sharing my journey's view in picture to you all.. ^_^.v..

 this was at Federal Highway.. and everyone was rushing home!! ^_^.v..
 Then I arrive to Section 16 round about...
 Then on Section 15 junction
 This was at the Flyover from 15 to 19.. See those walkway.. I'm walkin on it for the 1st time!! Haha..
 My Early Morning KTM Station.. I took it from the flyover.. Hahaha..
Yeah,I see this stair everyday,but for the 1st time today,I walk on it.. ^_^.v..
This was below the flyover up there.. Hahaha..

Hm,it's been a while I didn't walk that distance.. And today,for the 1st time this year,and after I arrive here In Peninsular Malaysia at 2009,I walk for that distance.. Hahaha..

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